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  1. WOW! That was fantastic and disturbing all at the same time! Fantastic because it’s so relevant and I needed this 11 years ago. Disturbing because it brought back my few but traumatic PITA Customer experiences. Some of the coolest business advice you gave me years ago was on the day I got my one and only negative customer review on one of those review sites. It was poorly written, false, and kinda out there. You told me, “what are the reviews you always read first? The good ones or the bad ones?” I almost cried when I said “BAD!!!” you told me “That’s great! Because you can write a coherent reply, discounting all the false statements made, and apologizing for anything else! You will come out on top, because you have a say in it!” You were right, my reply was calm and well written in contrast with her bad grammar and scare tactics. Now here is the part of the story I’ve never told you.

    She is a faithful 6week customer! I’ve never mentioned it and neither has she. I’ve almost wanted to thank her at times. She is lovely. What I didn’t understand then is that her reaction WAS BIGGER than her perceived problem. There must have been something else going on. Thank you for your lessons. I appreciate your insight!

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